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Specialising in bull breed behaviour, including aggression.

My training is always kind, no matter what your dogs issues are, and unlike some I never blame you the owner. Some training problems can stem from the owner or simply a lifestyle but are not usually intentional.
I specialise  in bull breed aggression but work with all breeds.
I come to you in the comfort of your own home and assess your dog in its natural environment. During the consultation I discuss with you what you feel your dog needs training on and any behaviour you want stopping or correcting. From this I put together a personalised training plan especially designed for you and your dog.

After the initial consultation hourly lessons are arranged to develop you and your dog through the training stages. Your dog is trained on a one to one basis to ensure all its needs are met and the training programme is successful.

 I am available to support you and answer any questions you may have, even between lessons. I am friendly and approachable and most importantly I never blame you the owner.

I use only kind and reward based training methods, which involves no type of punishment. At All Angels No type of punishment what so ever is used to correct unwanted behaviour. No choke collars, No spray collars, No electric shock collars (now banned in wales) and most importantly no physical punishment is ever used.
 No tricks or time wasting just 100% pure learning throughout every lesson. Scaring a dog to control a behaviour will always backfire. The training is always personally design for you and your dog.

Over the last 10 years I have been working with more and more aggressive dogs. Bull breeds in particular. Some trainers will use choke collars, electric collars and even physical punishment to try and correct an aggressive dog. These methods do not work and simply put a fear into the dog to stop showing the behaviour that they are feeling. Most aggression is due to a lack of the correct type of socialisation and a lack of social skills. Punishing a dog for behaving in a way that they think is the right way, is not correcting them but confusing them and adding fear to the problem. If you have an aggressive dog including a bull breed, please feel free to contact me to discuss your training requirements. I do not pass judgement on you the owner but simply teach you what your dog is feeling and thinking, so they can be corrected in the kindest and most stress free way. (I am unable to work with dogs that come under any one of the 6 banned breeds, under the 1991 dangerous dogs act, due to insurance reasons. I also do not work with hybrids or bite/protection train any breed, for an individual or establishment.

Choose your training option,

Consultation/Assessment then followed by hourly lessons -

As mentioned above you can choose to have an assessment, which is what your personalised plan is built from. Then hourly lessons to complete your training plan. (Any advice, phone calls, emails etc. in-between lessons, I do not charge for)

Or The set up plan -

 This is similar to my traditional training except there are no one to one lessons.

 Instead the plan is more comprehensive and has everything you need to train your dog yourself, word by word from start to finish. The consultation is longer and the plan takes longer to prepare, but covers all the training you will need in great detail, from start to finish to correct your dog. This is ideal for you if you want to train your dog yourself but don't know how or what to do, or don't have time to commit to weekly lessons. (Again any advice via the phone, emails or any other contact, is not charged for. Even after I have completed your plan and you training your dog yourself)

Or Residential training -

  If you would like your dog intensively trained over a short period of time this could be for you. 

They will then be intensively trained over a period of time that I recommend. (Usually 1-2 weeks dependant on the correction needed)

When your dog returns home they will be trained and happy. This is a good service if you would like your dog trained whilst you take a break. Your dog will be home boarded with no kennels at All dogs at home.

visit for more details on how this works.

The price for residential training includes a follow up lesson. This is so you are able to continue on the training and new routine with your dog, in your own environment.

All training types come with free support throughout your training and no additional charges.

Once you have chosen what type of training you prefer, take a look at the prices page for full details on pricing and payment options.

Group Training.

New groups have now started back after the new year break.

The first group of the new year is now open for reserving places.

The bronze basic obedience group runs at 10am at pe12 8dp.

Places must be booked.

This course is suited to puppies who are just starting their obedience learning, or an older dog, that has not learnt in younger years. 

Dogs must be social for this group.

We cover all basic obedience including

Recall, lead work (walking to heel), controlled play and socialisation, sit, stay, wait, loose lead control, concentration on handler and basic dog care.

Groups are small and every dog gets one to one time, to ensure effective learning.
On completion dogs receive a free personalised certificate and free gift.

Training is done on and off lead, in an enclosed area.

This group runs for 6 weeks and costs £45 which is payable on week 1.

Other groups.

A new silver level obedience group, will be starting soon.

You need to successfully complete a bronze course, before you can reserve a place on the next silver group.

I also run fun obedience, as well as owner and dog confidence building groups.
We  cover obedience with an element of fun, as well as tricks and training, that encourage a good bond and trust level, between dog and owner.

All training methods are reward based.
This group will also be running on a 6 week course at a cost of £45.
If you would be interested in joining us, please contact me to reserve your place.

Brand new Fun Agility and water retrieval group.

Fun agility starts again in the spring.
Run over a 6 week course
learning how to guide your dog through an assortment of fun obstacles, jumps and pauses.
All done for fun and to keep those busy brains exercised.
Also incorporating water fun, with retrievals and exercises to build trust between a dog and their owner.
fully enclosed training area, small groups for maximum learning

 The complete course is £45 payable on the first week you start with your dog.

Please contact me for details of the next course running.

All the training is fun and is about learning in a happy positive environment. 

A trained dog is a happy dog.
 If you would like to join in with your dog, contact me to reserve your place.

If you would like to come along and watch a session first, contact me.