Pet care -  For all your pet care needs, including boarding and day care (no kennels), please now visit, for more details and prices.

Fully 4 star licenced for home care, no kennels, by South Holland district council, under the new 2018 welfare act.

If you would prefer your pet to stay in your own home, please contact me. 

All services are fully insured, with Pet business insurance.

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Dog walking - We walk all types of dogs, all year round. Here at All Angels we love all breeds, shapes and sizes and cater for all exercise requirements. We also specialise in walking dogs that have behaviour and medical problems that effect their exercise routine. Whether your pet is dog or human aggressive or simply enjoying their later years in life and need a little more care. All dogs deserve to enjoy their walks.  

One to one walking - We offer one to one walking if your dog would prefer to enjoy their time with a human and not other dogs,
Group walking - If your dog loves nothing more then to run and play with friends, we can arrange group walks. We walk in small groups so all dogs are well cared for and fully controlled at all times.

Feeding visits - Leaving your pets alone for a period of time can be stressfull for both you and your pets. Whether its due to work, an illness or simply a holiday, we can visit, feed, change bedding and excersice your pets when you cannot. All love and cuddles come free.

Pet micro chipping - Fully trained by a veterinarian as a micro chip implanter. If your pet was to get lost or stolen and has a micro chip, they are much more likely to be reunited with their correct owner. I can chip dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets in the comfort of their own home. The procedure is fast, virtually painless and could get you reunited with your pet, within hours of going missing.

The chips are pet passport scheme recognised and 100% safe. Your pet will be registered with Pet Log, the worlds biggest animal database. For a one off small charge you will have the satisfaction of knowing your pet will always be traced back to you. For every pet micro chipped you will also receive a free name tag.

Please see our prices page for more information or contact me directly. If you are a breeder or have more then 5 dogs that you would like micro chipped, please contact us for special breeders rates.